Position Papers

  • Do I Really Have to Publicly Disclose My HIV Status? [PDF]

         Mark Warner and Ann Blandford 

  • Understanding Privacy in the MENA Region [PDF]

         Mennatallah Saleh, Mohamed Khamis, Christian Sturm 

  • From Collectives to Individuals: A Data-Driven Approach to Personal Privacy [PDF]

         Natã M. Barbosa

  • LGBTQ Privacy Concerns on Social Media [PDF] 

         Christine Geeng and Alexis Hiniker

  • Reaching Beyond Borders: Investigating Differences in Privacy Harms Concerns [PDF]

         Agnieszka Kitkowska

  • Contextual Impact on SNS Users’ Privacy Decisions: A Cross-Cultural Study [PDF]

         Yao Li, Eugenia Ha Rim Rho and Alfred Kobsa 

  • Toward Understanding the Privacy Needs of Marginalized Populations [PDF]

         Ada Lerner and Roberto Hoyle 

  • ‘It Takes a Village”: A Community Based Participatory Framework for Privacy Design [PDF]

         Darakhshan J. Mir, Yan Shvartzshnaider and Mark Latonero 

  • Social Ecological Model of Privacy [PDF]

         Ashley Walker

  • Usable Security of Emerging Healthcare Technologies for Seniors [PDF] 

         Alisa Frik, Joyce Lee, Serge Egelman, Nathan Malkin, Nathan Malkin and Florian Schaub 

  • Data Privacy and the Elusive Goal of Empowering the User [PDF]

         Vijay Kothari, Sean Smith, Jim Blythe and Ross Koppel

  • Privacy as an ability or a state: An argument for a relational view [PDF]

         Irina Shklovski 

  •  Narrative as a Tool for Privacy: How Stories Guide Curation, Sense-Making, and Impression Management among Emerging Adults [PDF]

         Michael Dickard 

  • Differences in Cross-Cultural and Individual Perception of Security and Privacy [PDF] 

         Karoline Busse

  • A UX Approach to Privacy and Security: the Impact of User, Contextual and System Related Factors [PDF]

         Verena Distler, Carine Lallemand and Vincent Koenig 

  • Privacy in Collaborative Work – A Situated Challenge [PDF]

         Ida Larsen-Ledet 

  • Is Informed Consent Enough? Considering Predictive Approaches to Privacy 

         Soheil Human and Ben Wagner

  • Do Different Groups Have Comparable Privacy Tradeoffs?[PDF]

         Rezvan Joshghani, Michael D. Ekstrand, Bart Knijnenburg and Hoda Mehrpouyan

  • Privacy of Children in Foster Care [PDF]

         Roberto Hoyle, Tamara Peyton, Karla Badillo-Urquiola and Pamela Wisniewski

  • Personalized Privacy Assistant to Protect People’s Privacy in Smart Home Environment [PDF]

         Yaxing Yao 

  • Supporting informed, idiosyncratic privacy preferences through personalized exposure profiles [PDF]

Reuben Binns, Max Van Kleek, Jun Zhao, Ulrik Lyngs and Nigel Shadbolt