DariciaDaricia Wilkinson (Clemson University) is a PhD student in Human-centered computing at Clemson University. Her research focuses on understanding online privacy-decision making and exploring more usable solutions for privacy and recommender systems interfaces.

MosesMoses Namara (Clemson University) is a Facebook Scholar and PhD student in Human-centered computing at Clemson University. His research focuses on user-tailored privacy and human factor issues related to the design of privacy-enhancing and social media technologies.

karla-badillo-urquiola-2-2Karla Badillo-Urquiola (University of Central Florida) is a McKnight Fellow and PhD student in Modeling and Simulation at the University of Central Florida. Her research explores immersive and experiential learning environments for the online safety of teens, especially those underrepresented and at-risk.

pam_21 (1)Pamela Wisniewski (PhD, UNC Charlotte) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Her research interests are situated at the juxtaposition of Social Computing and Privacy.

xinruXinru Page (PhD, UC Irvine) is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at Bentley University. Her research explores technology adoption and non-use, social media, individual traits, and privacy.

bartBart Knijnenburg (PhD, UC Irvine) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Clemson University and co-director of the Humans and Technology (HAT) Lab. His research focuses on privacy decision-making, user-tailored privacy, and the user-centric aspects of recommender systems.

EranEran Toch (PhD, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering, The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University. His research focuses on usable privacy and security, human-computer interaction and data mining.

JenJen Romano-Bergstrom (PhD, Catholic University of America) is User Experience Researcher at Facebook/Instagram. In addition to being a skilled User Experience Researcher, Jen also specializes in eye tracking, survey design, experimental design, and cognitive aging.

Program Committee

Solon Barocas, Cornell University
Michael Dickard, Drexel University
Roberto Hoyle, Oberlin College
Jennifer King, UC Berkley
Lorraine Kisselburgh, Purdue University
Airi Lampinen, Stockholm University
Karen Levy, Cornell University
Heather Lipford, UNC Charlotte
Sameer Patil, Indiana University
Elissa Redmiles, University of Maryland
Vance Ricks, Guilford College
Jessica Vitak, University of Maryland
Yang Wang, Syracuse University
Jessica Bodford, Facebook
Blase Ur, University of Chicago
Florian Schaub, University of Michigan
Patrick Gage Kelley, Google
Luke Stark, Dartmouth College
Hoda Mehrpouyan, Boise State University
Marshini Chetty, Princeton University
Arunesh Mathur, Princeton University
Maximilian Golla, Ruhr-University Bochum
Sauvik Das, Georgia Institute of Technology
Emanuel von Zezschwitz, University of Bonn
Josh Rosenbaum, Facebook