Date: Saturday April 21st 2018

• (9:00 AM) Welcome and Introductions : introduction and lightning talks
(10:00 AM) Large Group Discussion: Individual Differences and Privacy
(10:30 AM) Coffee Break15 minute break
(10:45 AM) Panel Discussion
(12:00 PM) Lunch: 90 minute break
(1:30 PM) Breakout activity: Designing for Individual Differences
(3:00 PM) Reporting Outcomes: After developing solutions in small groups, participants will present their ideas and work with groups where there are synergies to strengthen proposed guiding principles.
(4:00 PM) Next Steps: The workshop will conclude with discussions about opportunities for collaboration to continue building on the solutions proposed during the workshop.

Workshop Panelists:

Bart Knijnenburg, Clemson University
Xinru Page, Bentley University
Jen Romano-Bergstrom, Facebook/Instagram
Pam Wisniewski, University of Central Florida